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108 Divya Desams

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 10:40:40 PST

1. I hope some one is collecting the "brainstorming" type mails.

2. I think we should organize the CD ROM as a collection of HTML files. There
are several standards for Multimedia CD ROMs. But HTML is likely to remain
most universal cross platforms. For example Mani's www info is in several
HTML files.

3. We can include public domain HTML viewers for different platforms in the
same CDROM. I suppose this should be possible.

4. The 108 Divya Desam list can point to the 108 files. Each of those will
contain pointers to the relevant pasurams in the 4000 collection.
The sound files can be also pointed to from the relevant places in the 4000
files. {Those several of us might have audio cassetes of the 4000, it
may not be possible to put all as sound in CDROM. The total is 20 hours long. }

5. It is adviable to avoid graphic files for things other than photos. The Photos
should go at the best resoultion and color (without regard to file size).

6. Most of the Material will be in English which is fine in HTML.

7. It is possible to show Tamil texts using the ADHAWIN.TTF in HTML
doucuments. See:
for an example.

6. Similar thing for Sanskrit is not yet available to my knowledge. I have two
(a) Type it in ITRANS Hindi Transliteration format. It is resonably readable
in Roman script. If some one wants to print it out in Devnagri. The ITRANS
software can be used.
(b) Use the convention that Sudharshanam Puttur S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar
uses in his numerous books, and magazine. He uses Tamil script and adds
a subscript of 2, 3 or 4 for Sanskrit texts. To do this, you use the same
Readable Roman transliterating convention as we have used  for 4000. Then
add the subscripts 2, 3 or 4.

Scanning and putting the texts as pictures will be worst thing to do, as it
will gobble up lots of space.

My material, knowledge, background and experience in Sri Vaishnavism
is limited. However I hope to be able to offer much technical support.

K. Srinivasan