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108 Divya Desams

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 11:07:02 PST

thiruvaaay paadi (Mathura U.P)
ayOdhya (UP)

are hard to get good descriptions of, since the actual deity and temple
described by the aazhvaars in 4000 are missing.

Interestingly, in the early days of the British taking on power from the
moghuls, south indian pligrims were shocked to find these temples
missing. There was no VHP then. So they brought skilled artists and sculptors
from Tamil hadu and built temples in the south indian style with a gopuram
and everything, with the support of British (I suppose). That was about 200 years
ago. I visited the one in Mathura 35 years ago. It felt like being in Tamil Nadu.
A small agraharam and everything. The locals call it as "kOyil".

saaligraamam (Nepal) is also hard to reach. One needs to go in groups.
If anybody can write from first hand experience, it will be great.

K. Srinivasan