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Punnainalloor Sri Rama

From: krish (
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 10:02:51 PST

It is an interesting narrative. Doe shaligramam
mean black stone? I thought it refer to a very
special stone fossil, ammonites, with sanil like
sea creature embedded as a fossil, quite cole
to a shanku( xut ) in resemblance.
I had associated this to choosing one of the
oldest fossils known to man as symmbolizing
creation. Such shaligrams are found in Nepal and
Hilalyab valleys of Brahmaputra, as a 
rsult of the creation of Inida from a piece of
Antartica. Othe r such fossils are found
in Europe etc. in all shapes. May be some one
here may shed more light and correct me.