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Punnainalloor Sri Rama

From: V SUNDAR (
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 09:42:21 PST

All this talk of imagery has got me interested in getting one particular
picture, and I think this is probably the most likely place to find it.

I do not know if Punnainalloor ( tanjavur dist. ) is a divya desam or 
not. There is a Sri Ramar ( Laksmana Sita sametha ) sannidhi here, the beauty of which is that all three moola moorthis are made out of saaligraamam.

( monolithic of course =) )

These moortis are an excellent example of teh grace and the stateliness of the
Chozha style of sculpture. If anyone has a .gif file of these, I'd be very 
grateful to get a copy..