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Re: Sri Krish's comments

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 11:28:50 PST

Krish makes some good points about a paper publication
versus a CD-ROM.  I too would like to publish a nice,
glossy monograph on the architectural splendor of the
divya desams, incorporating the religious history of
each site including the poetry of the Azhvaars. However
the cost for such an endeavor would be prohibitive 
for this small group, and would involve *far* more
coordination, time, money than I think is fair for
our members.

Furthermore, the CD-ROM is permanent. Sure, you
cannot curl up with it, but while books can quickly
go out of print, a CD-ROM can easily be reduplicated
if the need arises. It is not so easy with a paper

Plus, children can be made aware of the entire multimedia
experience -- the gosthi chanting prabandham and vedas,
the utsavars and possibly moolavars, the architectural
details, etc.

In short, it is more practical for us to do the CD-ROM,
unless one of us happens to be a publisher. In which case,
I would encourage that person to take on the task of
publishing a glossy book for us.