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108 DD CD-ROM Project

From: Varadarajan Govindarajan (
Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 09:17:07 PST

		Shrimate Raamaanujaaya namaha
		Shri Vishnu Chitta Guravae Namaha

Dear Members of Prapatti Group

I am glad to inform you that i ( with the help of our Acharya Swamy in
Tiruvellarai and my father in Bangalore) would be able to take the
responsibility for providing all details (as listed by Sri. Parathasarathy
Dileepan in one of his postings to the list) with regard to TIRUVELLARAI
DIVYA DESAM (which belongs to Group 2). 

I am also very glad to say that, in reply to my earlier posting, one of
our members - Sri. Parathasarathy Ranganathan wrote to me saying that he
could make it convenient for him to visit our house in Bangalore and
collect the materials that my father can provide us with, with regard to
our project, on his visit to India during December this year. 

On talking to my father I also got to know that he has copies of the books
published by LIFCO and that authored by Sri. Krishna Swamy Iyengar of
Puttur, Trichy and also the one by Ahobila MaDam regarding the 108 DDs. If
these books are already available with the members of our group then it
may not be worth to get these books. I am also attempting to provide
details of other divya desams which belong to Group-2.  I shall be pleased
to keep you informed of any further help i can be of. 

ADiyaen Ramaanuja Daasan