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Date: Fri Nov 17 1995 - 07:05:11 PST

I have promised to send the other two sarama slokas other than from Gita 
and here they are.

Mithra bhavena sampraptham nathyajeyam kathanjana
Dhosho yathyapi thasya syath satham ethath aharhitham

Sakrudeva prapannaaya thavaasmeethi cha yachathe
Abayam sarva bhuthebyo dhadhami ethath vratham mama.

These slokas are given by Sri Rama in the beach when Vibeeshana
approached him in total surrender.  Sri Rama presented these 
slokas to remove the fears of Surgreeva and others who saw 
Vibeeshana as the brother of Ravana.  The meaning of these slokas 
are as follows:

(I) don't have the intention of discarding the person who came 
claiming as friend (mithra bhavena).  Even this person has faults
(dhosha:) accepting him will not be blamed by elders.

Even the one who came only once to me in surrender {sakruth eva 
prapannaaya)and to one who begs I am yours (thava asmi ithi yachathe)
I give protection (abhayam dhadhami) from all (sarva bhuthebya:)
This is my duty (ethath mama vratham).   

The other sarama slokas given by Varaha Peruman to BhoomiDevi.  

Sthithe manasi soosvasthe sarire sathi yo nara:
Dhathu saamye sthithe smarththaa vishvarupancha mam ajam |

Thatha: tham mriyamananthu kashta paashaana sannibam
Aham smaraami mathbhaktham nayaami paramaan gathim |

Who (ya: Nara:) thinks (smarththaa) of me (as vishva roopa) when 
he is able bodied (young - clear mind,healthy body, dhathu='piththam'
all working and under control) I think of him at his death (kashta 
paashana sannibam) and take him to vaikuntham (paramaam gathim)

The sloka talks about 1) time of saranagathi 2) who can do saranagathi
3) way to do saranagathi and 4) what to contemplate.

Saranagathi is easily done when one is young and able bodied.  
Any body (nara:) can do saranagathi.
Just thinking (smarthaa) is sufficient, do not have to physically strain.
Contemplate him as the world (vishva roopa) and beyond birth (ajam cha)

Please forgive me if there are any omissions/errors in my transliteration
and summary.  I took these slokas from a tamil book with the title of
"Ramanuja dharsanam" published by Alwargal amutha niliyam.