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108 DD Project

From: Varadarajan Govindarajan (
Date: Wed Nov 15 1995 - 14:12:25 PST

			Shrimate Raamaanujaaya Namaha
			Shri Vishnu Chitta Guravae Namaha

Dear Members of Prapatti Group

	I am very glad to learn about the 108 DD CD project that has been
proposed and am truly amazed with the support that various members in our
group are coming forward to provide. I am sure, with the blessings of
Sriman Narayana we would obtain total success in our project. 

	My father (in Bangalore) has a good collection of material that
could be of use in our effort.  So, I shall contact my father and
ascertain what are the relevant materials that he has with him that could
be of use to us and get them through a friend of mine who is going to
Bangalore next month. If any of the members in our group have any material
in mind that has to be brought from India (like a particular book.....etc,
relevant to our project) please let me know so that I can request my
friend to bring them for us. 

	I would be more than pleased to be involved in this project and
thus get to do some bagavad/bhaagavada kaingkaryam. Sri. Parthasaarathy
Dileepan's suggestion of associating ourselves with one or more of the
various groups that he has mentioned is a good idea; that would get us 
well organised.  

	May Perundevi Thaayar and Varadaraja Perumal shower us with 
their blessings for success in our efforts.