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Sponsor Nitya aaraadhanai ...

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Nov 15 1995 - 05:52:22 PST

On Nov 14,  3:39pm, krish wrote:
> Subject: donations
> With all due regards, I feel charitable contributions
> are personal. What is more important? Ramakrishna mission
> in Bangalore runs a home for poor students, providing
> boarding and lodging to college students.

In fact I find that this is more personal than sponsoring a nitya aaraadhanai
which is for the global welfare.
Time and again all our guru paaramapariya achaaryaas have mentioned that
compassion go hand in hand with bakhthi and only after bakthi. But if we sit by
and watch the very functioning of the nitya aaraadhanai not performed due to
financial difficulty, then what is the point of amaasing this material wealth ?
and what is the point of praising the very same LORD residing in those 108
temples. If we are to bring about the document on these 108 most important
shektrams it is something that we are encouraging everyone to go there and pray
the LORD. IF any of these sheKthrams are deteriorating in any spiritual
functioning, don't you think that it is important to do atleast a little help
or if we cannot help directly then to encourage others to help in such a cuase
? what is the point in showing interest in mere documentation of the 108
shektrams and leave the cause of helping the shEktrams unattended ? If the
trend goes like these one day our generation may find no temple aaraadhanna
being performed and no priest around and all these will become some historical
monuments and architectural display. Even that is in a shabby state as
mentioned by a friend when he stated how "pooly" the poygai aazhwaar's birth
place a holy tank in kaanchi. As one individual I cannot right away get things
fixed up. But I and some others who are already doing such help will keep doing
the best no matter who contribute or not, who encourage or not. My appeal was
to form a forum out of those members participating in this group to
1. Form a forum to deal this matter (may be a separate body as Mani suggested)

I was thinking that this forum need not be a financial orgainsation by itself
but only on spirits. AFter identifying the temples and what is required to be
done, post a plan that would require an individual sponsor to personally manage
his/her finance by putiing an FD in his/her own name and allow a local priest
to withdraw the interest and do the required. We can help the logistics by
arranging application form for FD, Bank account  etc then it would be an
additional responsibility on the individual sponsor to personally monitor the
finance once in a month using the directly obtained monthly statements. In
addition we can help identify a priest to take care of these needs in each of
those identified temples.
2. Identify the temples that need immediate help
3. Work out a plan for one time offerings.
4. post a plan seeking sponsors

 Some who
> cannot afford meals eat there. Is this less important
> than an offering to a temple. Raja Simhan in Madras
> asked money for a Vedantha patasala to train priests.
> I disafgreed because I would not want my kids
> to study vwda instead of science.

> Let us stick to Vaishana philosophy.
Is this not a self and personal benefit one seeks to attain through this group
or through reading book..etc. I was appealing to those (I hope all in this
group) who can see beyond improving their own "knowledge-base" and also apply
what they learn from philosophies.

> every doanation to a cause is one's own karma

on the contrary, it is the other way around. ie Compassion and Bakthi are
directly responsible for nullifying the karmas. The way one do it, is to bear
in mind that they donot seek any benefit out of this and if any reaction is to
be generated due to the "NATURE or karmic law" then to offer such fruit of
those good karmas (as a result of compassion and serving bakthaas or Lord) also
to HIMself.

Mr. Krish, You have such a great inquisitiveness on every thing. I want to
share with you something that I realised.  The greatest fact "revealed" to me
is that, "one gets to know and get the fruit and essence of our philosophies or
the absoulte truth is only when he/she is at the end of the karmic cycle". A
tamil saying goes "vidhi kaNNai maRaithidum". No matter how many good things
are poured here, one's realisation comes only when their karmic cycle is at the
end. The lord may pass by the us but we may still not see HIM or hear HIM due
to our karmic screen. This is not a contradiction to saraNaagathi. There are
explanations that suits this and as well as saraNaagathi. Such a state of being
at the thershold of karmic cycle is known as "praaptham" .

A tamil saying goes like this. A man may take water from the middle of the
ocean in several vessels such as a cup, kudam, a tank and a big barge. The
content is the same sea water but the KOLLaLavu or voulme is different and that
it depends on the container. Such is the "maturity" or KoLLALAvu of the person
to absorb material knowledge from the ocean  depth of philospohies. On every
cause there is so much to know. and being a srivaishnaaa and simply ignoring
the cause of our temples can only be attributed  to selfishness or fianacial or
physical  inability or not understanding  the cause or devoted already to some
other cause of srivaishnavaas already.

 Perumall thirumozhi

aathiyantha manantha maRputham
aanavaanavar thambiraan
paathamaamalar soodumpaththi
yilaatha paavikaL uynthida
theethil nanneRi kaattiyengum
thirintharanganem maanukkE
kaathalsey thoNdark keppiRappilum
kaathal seyyumen neNYchamE

KulasEkaraazhwaar thiruvadikaLe saraNam

Sampath Rengi