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Date: Tue Nov 14 1995 - 20:47:57 PST

Krish said: 
..I disagreed (to give money for Veda Patashala
to train priests) because:
>>I would not want my kids
>>to study Veda instead of science.

How about inaddition to science?

How about Veda Patam instead of the Bible,  
Koran, Greek, Roman, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic
or Nordic  myths and / or literature?

If all the Hindus felt the same way
then the only spiritual wisdom that would
be left is the Satya Veda (another name for
the Bible) or something like that.

Using the same argument of Krish, we could
say NO to Ramakrishna Student Home where
>>Some who 
>>cannot afford meals eat there
(at Ramakrishna Mission)

Because no body  wants their children 
to be so poor  to eat food there, why
support Ramakrishna Student Home!

K. Sreekrishna