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From: Mukunthan Santhanakrishnan (
Date: Tue Nov 14 1995 - 13:47:48 PST

i am mukunthan santhanakrishnan, currently doing my MBA at the Cleveland 
State University, Cleveland.

I am from madurai and was brought up in a very conservative, religious 
environment. I hail from a place called Pandalgudi near Aruppukottai. My 
father is a very staunch devotee of Lord Nrisimha and is a very active member
of the Ahobila Mutt. My maternal uncles are all very active participants of
the activities of the Mylapore Srinivasa temple.

I would like to call myself religious and open minded rather than very 
ritualistic. I was doing my sandhya vandanam and madhyanam regularly for
sometime and left the habit for reasons unknown (another name for laziness?).

My idea of devotion is helping others and enjoy from their relief rather 
than from rituals. I am very keen on knowing (I really know little to 
appreciate the rituals) more about our customs. I am sure I 
would be able to learn a lot ( i have actually learn a lot in the 
last few days..).

I would like to thank Sri Mani Varadharajan for inducting me into a group 
like this and also all members for "educating" me. I wish to an active 
volunteer in the activities of the group and would be happy to serve the 
LORD in this way.

Thank you once again,