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Priest Hired/Inauguration
Date: Tue Nov 14 1995 - 12:13:51 PST

Dear Prapatti members,

I posted a note in August to the group,
 seeking info on a South Indian priest
to be hired for our temple in Cincinnati.
I am pleased to inform you that we finally
hired Sri Srinivasa Bhattar, formerly of the
New jersey Balaji (Bridgewater) temple.
He is awaiting Visa approval(Extention)
to officially joining our Temple. We all hope
with Sriman Narayana's grace, everything will
go through smoothly.

The response I got from you all was the basis
of this success in hiring the priest prior to
inauguration of our new temple(Nov. 18 and 19).
Without the help of the Prapatti group this would not
have been simply possible. In this connection, I also
 had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Balu Murli 
 and Mr. Sriram of the  Prapatti group.

I like to specifically thank the following members:

Mr. Muralidhar Rangaswamy
Mr. Balu Murli
Mr. Sriram
Mr. Varadhan
Mr. Sadagopan
Mr. Eswar
Mr. Satish
Mr. Krishna Kalale
and many others.

Interestingly, Sriram personally brought the
candidate for the interview Puja.
Balu Murli helped Mr. Bhattar to move to
Cincinnati .

I immensly thank the enthusiasm and the good will shown
by so many of you in so many ways.

I have posted here a detailed program of the inauguration.
BCS refers to Pujas that will be performed by Bhagavathi Charan
Sharma (Our North Indian Priest) and BSS (Srinivasa Bhattar) refers
to Pujas that will be performed by Srinivasa Bhattar.

It will be great if  some of you who are nearby can attend.
(I am glad to note that Mr. Sriram will be attending)

K. Sreekrishna
DIRECTIONS TO HSGC (Hindu Society of Greater Cincinnati) TEMPLE

Once you approach Cincinnati ,take 275 East
>From 275 East , Take 32 West (Exit 63A)
Within a 1/4 mile turn right on route Old 74
At the first stop, turn left on Summerside road
After driving less than a mile, turn right onto
Klatte Road.
Continue driving on the Klatte Road, past the
subdivisions to the Temple gate.
The temple sits on a 100 acre lot.
The style is Futuristic.
About 15,000 sq.ft.
There will be no central Deities, will have 12 Deities)
AUM in the Center. Each Deity has a seperate enclosed


November 18, 1995                    8:00 AM - 5:45 PM
1. Suprabhatam (BSS, group) -
 Good Morning verses to the Lord (5 min.)
2. Transport Deities in a decorated truck from
 the current Temple to the New Temple
 3. Truck carrying the Deities
to arrive at the new Temple Gate by 8:50 AM
 4.  Ready the deities for Murti Yatra (Deities procession) (10 min.)

Procession Participants Assemble at the New
 Temple Gate by 8:45 AM!!!

5. Murti Yatra -Deities procession  from gate
 to the Temple front (30 min.)
The procession will include in the following  order:
 Flag bearers, Music band, 51 ladies
in traditional dress carrying on their
 head a Kalash (decorated pot
filled with water and coconut placed on the top),
 Deities placed in the
decorated truck, Vydhiks chanting the
 Taittiriyopanishad, Special guests
including: Dignitaries Community leaders, Officials
 of various societies,
Bhajan-sankeertan group, Men, Women and Children
  singing and clapping. On
arrival at the Temple front, the Deities  will
 be temporarily located in the
upper level  of the Temple, awaiting ritual
 purification of the Fellowship Hall.
The Kalshs will be placed in the Fellowship Hall.
PUJAS for Sanctification of the
 Fellowship Hall  of the New Temple
6. Prithvi Puja (BCS)
  Puja to the  Mother Earth
7. Dik Shuddhi (BCS)
 Purification of Atmosphere
8. Swasti Vachanam (BCS)
 Chanting Mantras for peace and Prosperity
9. Vigneshwara Puja (BCS)
 Worship  of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles
10. Kalasha Sthapan and Puja (BCS)
  Invocation and worship of the Gods
Godesses, holy rivers, Varun
 (Time for items 6-10 is 40 min.)

11. Vastu  Homa (BSS)
 Yagna (fire sacrifice) for Vastu Purusha
12. Shanti Homa (BSS)
 Yagna (fire sacrifice) for peace
13. Poornahuti     (BSS)
  Conclusionary offering
14. Vastu Paryagnikarana (BSS)
  Vastu Purusha is extracted in fire (Agni) from
 the Fellowship Hall and escorted out.
(Time for items 11-14 is 50 min)
15. Digpalakas Avahan (BSS)
 Invocation of the guardians of all the directions
16. Digpalakas Puja (BSS)
 Puja for the guardians of all the directions
17. Digpalakas Baliharan (BSS)
 Offerings  to the guardians of directions
Items 15-17 are done out side the temple Walls.
 Time for items 15-17 is  (50 min.)
Parallel to items 15-17, following Pujas
 will be performed inside
18. Navagraha Puja (BCS)
  Worship of 9 planets
19.  Lok Palkas Puja (BCS)
  Worship of safeguarders of the world
20.  Havan  (if time permits) (BCS)

 Total time for items  18-20 is 50 min.

Noon: Maha Mangala Aarati  (BCS) Jai Jagadeesha...(15 min.)

***Prasad, Lunch, Fellowship, Temple Tour (12:15-2:00 PM)***
Cultural Programs: (2:00-5:00 PM)
***Dashavataram Bharatha Natyam Dance by Satya Priya and Party ***
***Bhajans  by Anupama Sahasrabhudhe and group***

5:00  PM Maha Mangala Aarati  (BCS)  Jai Jagadeesha... (15 min.)
***Snacks and Adjourn  (5:15 PM)***

November 19, 1995                             9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

1. Sabha Anugna (BSS)
 Seeking permission to do Puja (5 min.)
2. Mahasankalpam (BSS)
 Pledge to accomplish the puja (5 min)
3. Vishvaksena/Vigneswara  Aradhana (BSS)
Vishvaksen and Ganesh  Invocations
 to remove obstacles (5 min.)
4. Devata Agaman (BCS  and BSS)
Entry of the  deities to the Sanctified
  Fellowship Hall (10 min.)
5. Devata Aaseen   (BCS   and BSS)
 Placing the deities on the altar  (10 min.)
6. Panchamrita Abhishek (BSS)
Ceremonial Bathing (30 min.)
8. Alankar and Archan  (BSS)
 Decoration and Puja  (30 min.)
9. Mantrapushpam (BSS)
 Garland of Mantras (5 min.)
10. Sankeertan  (Pratap Jani  and Group) Group Bhajans  (45  min.)
11. Maha Naivedhyam (BSS and BCS)
 Offering food to Deities  (5 min.)

Curtain Falls in front of the Deities
12. Vishnusaharanama Parayanam
 (Chanting the 1000 names of Vishnu)
Led by Padma and Sreedhara Murthys
 Hindu Heritage Class Students  (25 min.)
Unveiling  of the Curtain by Swamiji  (5 min.)

 Noon: Maha Mangala Aarati (BCS)  Jai Jagadeesha... (15 min.)

13. Shattumorai (BSS) : Recitation of the
 melodious Verses from the Tamil Vedas
(A tradition popularized over 900 years
ago by the great Sanskrit /Tamil
Scholar-Philosopher - Reformer Ramanujacharya) (5 min.)
HSGC committee members assemble at the front for
Aasheervadh (Blessings) from BSS and BCS    (5 min.)
*** Prasad, Lunch, Fellowship, Temple Tour (12:30-2:00 PM) ***

Religious Discourse-
 Bhagawat Gita:Meaning of Hinduism  (2:00-3:00 PM)
(By  the invited Swami Sharananandaji/Chicago
Chinmaya Mission)
Educational Forum-(3:00-4:30 PM)
Hinduism Outside India:
Preservation & Coexistance
Moderator:  Dr. Rama Rao Pappu (Miami U):
 Hinduism in America
Dr. A.V. Rangarajan (U of Dayton):
 Temple as a preserver of Vedic religion
Dr. William Jackson (Indiana-Purdue U):
 Role and Importance of Academic Institutions
 Dr. Anuradha Mitra (Union Institute)
Teaching Hinduism to Children:
Importance of Home Education
Nisha Gupta (Miami U): 
What Hinduism means to me
Mala Bhattacharjee(Talawanda High School):
Hinduism and my Indian Heritage
Nehracia Babu (Ohio State University):
Hinduism and My Indian Roots
***Raas-Garbha Cultural Program
 (Ankur Samaj Youths)  (4:40-5:15 PM)***

5:15 PM: Maha Mangala Aarati (BCS) Jai Jagadeesha ... (15 min.)

****Snacks  and Adjourn   (5:30 PM)***


HSGC is pleased to announce the appointment
 of a second priest(Pending Visa approval)  Sri
Bangalore Srinivasa Bhattar to our Temple.
 Sri Srinivas will work closely with Punditji
(Sri. Bhagavati Charan Sharma) to fulfill
 the religious and spiritual needs of our community.
Sri Srinivasa,  a native of Bangalore
hails from the family of Priests of the
famous Kote Srinivasar (Venkata Ramana Swami)
hails from the family of Priests of the
famous Kote Srinivasar (Venkata Ramana Swami)
hails from the family of Priests of the
Sri Srinivasa,  a native of Bangalore
hails from the family of Priests of the
famous Kote Srinivasar (Venkata Ramana Swami)
 Temple of Bangalore. He is fully
conversant with all traditions of a Temple.
 Proficient in conducting all the
Pujas, such as for Sri Satyanarayana Swami,
 Nava  Graha and many special
auspicious Homas for the peace and the prosperity.
He is also able to perform all Purva Karmas. He holds the
 title of "Agama Praveena" which
recognizes his excellence  of priestly services in a
temple.  He has studied Pancharatra Agama,
 Vishishtadvaita philosophy and
Astrology at the Mysore University for several years .
 He has previously  served as a Priest in the
 Sri Venkateswara Temple in Bridge Water, NJ.
He is fluent in Kannada, Tamil, and  Telugu languages.
 He is also able to converse in Hindi  and English.