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108 DIvya SthalangaL

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Nov 14 1995 - 04:54:47 PST

            Sri Boomi dEvi Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikalE saraNam

This was a project discussed at the time of typing 4000. Both Mr.Dileepan and
Mr.Srinivasan has shown extensive interest in promoting this at that time and I
am glad that the time has come for that now. I had been wanting to contribute
providing interesting skektra puraanams on the divya dEsangaL with the help of
the LIFCO edition and as well as my personal acquaintances with the temples
around my place of living (kumbakonam).
I offer to provide a summary on each of the folowing temples in English and in
Tamil (Adami fonts). I suggest that Mr.Dileepan may want to open a file for
each skektram and take "as many responses" (I invite many others to provide any
information they know on any shektram even if it was a repeat or very little,
no one should refrain from this effort due to shyness or any such thing. The
editor and compiler (hopefully Sri Parthasaarathy Dileepan (Mr.PD , I hope you
would not mind) and others will take care of the final touches in presenting
these information comprehensively for each temple)  as possible on each
sekthram and compile them in the best possible way to present it  in the global
work "108 Divya sthalangaL" (shekthram may not be common to tamil and so
thalangaL or sthalangaL may be appropriate. Pandits and Tamil scholars may work
out a common name. The name must have a Tamil component in it 'cos most of
these shektrams are in Tamil Country and "ALL" of these sthalangaLs are
components of Tamil vEdam 4000).
Sampath Rengi
1. THirk kadikai (shOlingar)
2. Thiruch chErai
3. Thiru Naraiyoor (naachi yaar kOil)
4. Kudanthai kidantha Araavamudan and SaarangapaNi
5. Sri Boomi devi and Sri Oppilliappan
6. Thiru Nanthipura viNNagaram (naathan kOil)
7. Sri Rangam (on Ekaanda sErvai and Gajendra mokasham festival)
Regarding the photos, nrsimhap priyaa has been publishing many photos in the
last few months on each of the sthalangaL, like Swami Desikan's photo in the
WEB (I have the same photo as published by the nrsimhap priyaa). We can write
to the editor asking for permission to copy  them in the archives and Mr. Jay
BAradwaaj may co-ordinate this effort. So we may not get into any copy right
issues on photos.
Sampath Rengi