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108 Divya Desams

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Nov 13 1995 - 18:31:48 PST

Few weeks ago, Sri K.Srinivasan breifed us on the plans of the group in Madras
to put togehter  a picture album of the Perumals and Pirattis of the Above Divya
Desams. I have been thinking about it
for some time. It occured to me that together  we can come up with some thing ,
which will help to 
address the goals of this project.
  Almost all of us come from one or other Divya Desams and have ongoing
relationships. We might also have pictorial materials or Videos et al related to
the Divya Desams from our travels.
I thought that we can pool all these resources and come up with a CD ROM that
can have scanned pictures , audio inputs on the Pasurams of Azhwars  , Video and
Graphics  particularly for Divya Desams that can not be visited with our own
body ( Thirupparama Padam or Thiru Naadu). After I read the wonderful
Kshethraadanam by Sri Dileepan , this idea strngthened.

Recent Conversations with Sri Mani and the exchange of Notes with Sri Dileepan
convinced me that we can initate such a project. Sri Dileepan has kindly offered
to scan in the images , include the Audio  files and Video images. I have
promised to send in my archival material related to the
above Divya Desams to him  . I encourage you to send to him , whatever material
that you may wish to contribute. Thus together , we can build up the story
board, and make  a CD ROM. I toyed with the idea of  aPhoto CD first and I am
persuaded by Sri Dileepan"s offer of help to go beyond that and  aim for a true
multimedia CD ROM> I pray  to Lord Oppiliappan and Bhoomi Devi for success in
this endeavour. 

The Pictures of the Emperumans and Thaayaars of the Divya Desam  that I am
sending to Sri
Dileepan are:
1. Thiruvinnagar 2.THirupathi Venkatachalapathy
 3.Sri Ranganatha and Ranganayaki
 4. Sri Rangamannar and
AndaaL  of Sri Villiputthur 5. Kudanthai Aaraavamudan
 6. Thiruvidavendhai Nitya Kalyaanar with His Ubhaya Naachiyaars and AndaL 
7.Thirumohur KaaLamehan and  Mohanavalli                                      
 8. Thiruvahindrapuram Moolavar and Utsavar
 9.Thiruvallikeni Parthasarathy
10.Ahobilam Lakshmi Narasimhan (Lower Ahobilam) 
11.Thirukkadanmallai Nilamangai Thaayaar 
12.Tanjavoor Neelamega Perumal 13. Kanchi Pavazhavannar
13.Thiruccherai Saaranathan with His Devis 14. ThiruttaNkaa Deepa Prakasan
15. Arimeya Vinnagaram Kudamaadu Kootthan 16. Semponseykoil Peruraalan
 17. Kanchi Varadarajan 18. Kanchi Pacchai Vannar
 19.ThiruvaN Purudhotthm Purushotthaman 
20.Sri Villiputthur Vadapatrasayee 21.Thirukkoilur Trivikraman
 22.Thirukkavalampadi Kannan 23. Nagai Sowndara Rajan 
24.Thirukkanapuram Sowri Rajan 
25.THirupparthanpalli Taamarail KeLvan
26.Seerkazhi TaataLan 27. Nacchiyar koil Srinivasan and Vanjulavalli
 28. Thiruvellore Veera Raghavan 29. Thiruppati Govinda Rajan
30. Manimadakkoil Narayanan 31.Tanjai manikkunra perumal
 32. Thirupputkuzhi Vijaya Raghavan 
33--34 . Rettai Thiruppati Daiva Piraan and Aravinda
Lochanan 35. Sri Vaikuntam KaLLapiraan 
36. ThirukkoLur Vitthamaanidhi 37.Ashtabhujam Adikesava Perumal 
38. PuLLampoothankudi Valvili Raman&Hemambhujam
39.Varagunamangai Vijayaasanar 
40.Thiruppullani Padmasani and Pattabhi Raman  
41.Kanchi Ulagalantha Perumal(Pandavar Thoothan)
 42. Thirupullani Aadhi Jagannathan 43.Koodal Azhagar of Mathurai
 44. Thiumaaliruncholai KaLLazhagar 45. Thirucchitra Kootam Govindarajan
 46.Thiruppullani Darbha Sayana Raman 47..Thirukkadanmallai Sthala Sayana
 48 VeLukkai narasimhan 49.Ahobila Matam Kannan in Dolai Utsavam
50. Thiruvanthapuram Padmanabhan
51.Annan Koil Srinivasan  52. Tiruvallikeni TeLLiya Singham
53. Terazhundoor Aamuriviappan
54. Thiruvehha Yatoktakaari
55.Nandipura Vinnagaram Jagannathan and Thaayaar

There may be some more Murthys of Abhimana Stalams and Other Archa Murthys such
as Sudarsana Bhagavan of Sri Rangam, Sri Swami Desikan, Hayagreeevan worshipped
by Swami 
et al.
The Index is compiled to help other contributors to compare their Collections.
If there a re dupicates, It should not matter, since, One can pick the best
from the point of  scannability.Most of my Pictures are inBlack and White. I do
not know at this time, we ahve to ask the Hindu Religious 
endowment  Board or Not. Probably not, since  most of them are privately
collected pictures from the Utsavams  . 

May  the Divine Couple"s blessings be with us in this Project.
Varadachari Sadagopan
Yuva,Tula Krishna Paksha Shashti, Punarvasu Nakshtram.
..  .