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Date: Mon Nov 13 1995 - 07:55:47 PST

I wish to sincerely thank Sri Sadagopan for posting the Geeta
interpretations of Sri Yamunacharya and Sri Vedanta Deshikar.  Also
to Sri K Sreekrishna for info regarding Brahmotsavam and to Sri
E (I am sorry that was the only name I remembered) for asking the
question.  Reading this was extremely joyful especially after I was
extracts from another Vaishnava group which had a major battle
Madhvas and Gaudiyas over the worship of Radharani.

PS  Can Ramadas or anyone else tell me what is MukhyaPrana?

Also the Phalashruti of Vishnu Sahasranama and Lakshmi Ashtotara
shatanama stotrams seem to me to indicate that if if one chants these
with material objectives then they bestow material results and they
bestow spiritual results to one chanting them with spiritual
objectives.  Per the 4 types of people who turn to Lord Krishna in
the Geeta all are guaranteed spiritual results in the end.  Since the
two cannot contradict each otber, am I misunderstanding the
Phalashruti of the two stotrams?