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Two questions
Date: Sat Nov 11 1995 - 17:03:50 PST


I have two questions in mind. Please, if someone knows, i would like to know.

1. A detailed originand meaning about Elaiyavalli?

	My grandpa used to say Elaiyavalli refers to Lord Lakshmana and 
so His descendants are called as such. I can't confirm that but I would 
like to know more about from any of you knowledgeables.

2. About "brahmotsavam"?

	I noticed that the brahmotsavam at various temples follow the 
same pattern(more or less). What are its origins? What is the significance 
that being uniform? why it should be in that order? Like from the flag 
hoisting to flag "irakkam". Like garuda sevai on 3rd day, car festival 
7th day, hope I am right.

Also, only in Mylapore Srinivasar Temple the "utsavar" is carried in 
procession by brahmins(exclusively) whether it is during brahmotsavam or for 
anyother occasion. Anybody has any experiences.

Thanks a lot.

Sriram Elaiyavalli