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Need clarification on 'Garbha Gowri'

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Nov 11 1995 - 16:45:01 PST

Murali: I have  aspeculative answer for your query on Garba Gauri and
how that fits into Lakshmi Ashtotthram.
Gauri literally means a Fair One. Maha Lakshmi with her golden complexion
(Hiranya Varnaam/Sri Sooktham) is indeed a fair one. Garba Gauri can 
mean Fair from birth.This is similar to calling Prahlada Garbha Sriman
due to the blessings he recd from hearing the Ashtakshara Mantram in the 
womb of his mother from Narada Maharishi. When Maha Lakshmi arose from the
milky ocean, Srimad Bhagavatham describes her as "Ranjayanthi disa:
Kaanthyaa Vidyut Sowdhaamini Yata"(Bh 8-8-8). Bhagavatham describes her
appearance at  the time of Her birth as a Fair and beautiful flash of 
lightning.The next slokam in Bhagavatham says that the assembled people
were wonderstruck at her Youth,Fair Comlexion and beauty. Puranas always 
have cross references as they praise their own objects of worship. Thus 
a study of Siva Puranas, Devi Puranas might have conflicting cross 
references. For instance Sri Lalitha will be called kamala, which is
generally the name of Maha Lakshmi. In these instances, literal meanings
are helpful as in the case in point here.
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RE:	Need clarification on 'Garbha Gowri'

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Subject: Need clarification on 'Garbha Gowri'
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Hello everyone.

I am looking for some light on this particular line from the Lakshmi Astothram:

	Ksheerodhaje kamala komala Garbha Gowri...

I find the term Garbha Gowri very curious and need some information on this usage.

Murali Manohar.