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About a guy from Tempe, AZ (A self intro)
Date: Sat Nov 11 1995 - 16:35:55 PST

		srimathe ramanujaya nama:


At the outset, I am grateful to Sri Mani Varadarajan for revealing this 
group and it was purely coincidental. Also, my thanks to Dr. V. Sadagopan.

About me: I am Kaaniambaakkam Elaiyavalli Sriram but my records here say 
Nathamuni Sriram and in India it is N. Sriram. Born in Kanchipuram, spent 
my childhood in Madurantakam, Mylapore and as I grew we had to move to 
villages in Madurai and Thanjavur districts thanks to my dad's 
profession(Officer, State Bank). Hence, I stayed with one of many "chithiah" in 
Mylapore attending Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan. Brought up in a very 
orthodox, conservative thinking and beliefs. Learnt the sthothrams and 
slokams from my "thatha". Had brahmopadesam at a very young age as you 
could very well imagine. My "thatha" used to say we are swayamaacharyas.

Then from 11 I was put to hostels in Madurai, Dindigul and 
Coimbatore(where I did my BE Electronics and Communication at Govt 
College of Tech), what are all I was doing(like sandhyavandanam, reciting 
purusha suktam, sudharsanaashtakam, hayagreeva sthothram etc) regularly 
came to a halt at 14. I started sandhi, purushasuktam few months back and 
planned to do everyday which were so dear to me. BTW, I am a graduate 
student Microelectronics at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. 

All in our family, being in madras, follow the strict vaishnava way of life 
like "kudumi", "panjakacham" "well water" and what not except my dad and 
his sons. My age groups too follow. I sometimes find it amazing.I admire 
them.  BTW, I am 26.

Interests: Playing basketball and cricket, going to temple daily(when in 
india, here every beginning of the semester to LA), attending 
thirumanjanams, attending brahmotsavams in 
Mylapore, Kanchipuram, Madurantakam, Naavalpaakkam(in fact hereditarily 
we sponsor "thottil thirumanjanam" and being the eldest in my generation, 
I have to continue when they pass on to me, I don't know how i am going to 
do that being here) temples. I like manirathnam, balachander, kamal and 
sivaji movies.

When i was young I used to get prasadhams, at the end of thirumanjanam, 2 
or 3 times moving from one place in the line to the other(any of you 
did?). Also, in Madurantakam I get up very early in the morning run to 
the Kothandaramar temple pick "mahizham poo", join them with "naar" and 
present it to God. 

Objectives: At present my contribution to this group will be only asking 
questions. I want to further my knowledge in our beliefs, philosophies 
and way of life. Which brings me to pose two questions which I will in 
the next post.

Sorry for the use of few tamil words to those who may not understand as i 
don't know to put it in english.

Also, sorry for the long intro, word just cascaded from my mind and it 
would have been longer i am going to save for my autobiography and make 
few millions :))

I would like to be referred in this group as Sriram Elaiyavalli(inspired 
from Sri Venkatesh Elaiyavalli). Incidentally when I do abhivadhaye my 
sarman is Venkatesh.

Thanks for your time. Hope to gain knowledge with your company and 
getting inspired to follow a vaishnava way of life.

vaachaka dhosha: kshanthavya:

Sriram Elaiyavalli