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Re: Sri Alawandar"s Geethartha Sangraham (GS)

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Thu Nov 09 1995 - 07:05:10 PST

On 07 Nov 95 20:09:04 EST Sri. V.Sadagopan said:

>We shall quote the individual verses of
>Alavandaar"s GS and elaborate on them in the
>light of  Swami Desikan's Tamil work on GS,
>which is a part of his  Desika Prabhandam compendium.

[1]  I am grateful to Sri. V. Sadagopan for undertaking
     this task in the midst of his busy schedule.  I have
     formatted his last post into a WORDPERFECT document.
     With the permission of Sri V. Sadagopan I will share
     this and future posts with anyone interested.

[2]  During my trip to India last summer I was fortunate
     enough to produce a recording of the entire
     Desika Prabhandam recited in the traditional way.
     I have now converted the Geethaarththa sangraham
     into a WAV file and saved it in the Ahobilam page.
     The text of this prabhandam in ASCII and MS-WORD for
     Windows v.6.0a format are also available from the page.
     To view the ASCII text in Tamil you will need
     Sri. K. Srinivasan's THIRU/TAMILVU.  For the Word
     document to appear in Tamil you will need to install
     Sri K. Srinivasan's ADHAWIN.TTF font for Windows.
     All of these can be downloaded from:


     Note:  THIRU/TAMILVU and ADHAWIN are Shareware programs
            not Freeware.

-- Dileepan