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Date: Thu Nov 09 1995 - 01:54:48 PST

My namaskarams to all Bhaktas of the prapatti group:
This is my first true posting to the prapatti group (if you do not take
into account my introductory note).

With reference to a recent article written by Sriram (I am sorry I am
unable to refer to that article here, since I deleted it accidentally),
I think there needs to be a small correction in regard to the statement
made by Sriram to the effect that Srivaishnava sanyasis wear four sets
of poonals (each of which refers to an ashrama). I know for a fact that
Srivaishnava sanyasis wear ONLY ONE, as opposed to Advaiti Sanyasis who
relinquish even the pooNal at the time of initiation into Sanyasashrama.
I know this for a fact since I had the good fortune of being present
at Srirangam, Tiruchy, at the time PeriAndavan Ashramam pontiff Thiru-
kuDandai Andavan initiated to-become Mysore Andavan into sanyasaashrama.
The Sanyasi also has to carry out His nitya karma of Sandhyavandanam, etc.
for which He does need the poonal. But He relinquishes all material
attachments and pursuits, and hence relinquishes BOTH Grihastashrama
threads to be replaced by the Sanyasashrama thread. He also offers TarpaNam
to all of His LIVING AND DEAD relatives, takes an ablution, and then wears
Kaashayam. The Sanyasi thus literally gets a punar-janmam (new birth).
>From that point on he should bear no affiliation (even mentally) to any
of his "previous-birth" relatives.

I am sorry to have used a lot of non-English words without giving their
English equivalents. The reason is that I do not know equivalent translations
for words like TarpaNam, etc. I hope the audience will forgive me for that.

By the way, I would like to re-introduce myself as Muralidhar Rajagopalan.
My home town is Bangalore and I come from an orthodox Vadagalai Iyengar
family, that has close affiliations all the three important Ashramas/Mutts of
Ramanuja-Desika Sampradayam viz. Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam, Ahobila
Mutt and Parakaala Mutt. I finished my B.E. in Bangalore, and my M.S. in
Mechanical Engg. here in the US. Right now I am working for AT&T at 
Middletown, NJ. Having been brought up in a very orthodox family, I have
cherished the great values and philosophical depth of our Srivaishnava
tradition, which is both a philosophy and religion at the same time.
I am really very happy to be part of this group, and I literally take time
from lunch to read some very good articles like Desika Stotra Translations
by Sri. V. Sadagopan, etc. I hope this group will grow into one where
discussions are done with the sole intent of learning.

Thanks for the opportunity of expressing my humble thoughts.