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From: krish (
Date: Thu Nov 09 1995 - 06:16:29 PST

My contacts with you all reminds me of a parable.
Sri Ramakrishnaparamahamsa wa a great soul in the
last centruy and he taught mostly by parables. He
was a Bhakta and did not have childre also. One of his
parables runs like this.
A great rishi lived near a prostitute's home and was
rather concerned about her way of life. He beckoned her 
and told her that she should change her ways and devote
her life to the Lord, just like him. She was touched
and she gave up her ways for  a few days. Then she reverted
back. After a while she passed away and the rishi was watching
the disposition of her soul. Yama-dhootas appeared to take her
away, but were intercepted byDhrama's messengers and she was
carried away toheaven Dharma argued that her actions
were outwardly and her thoughts were in the Lord since the
Rishi's remarks. I want to stop my story here. I feel
like her when I see the Prapatti's dialog.
The paables of Ramakrishan are worth reading, because
they are very good at making a point.