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PofL (purpose of life )

From: krish (
Date: Thu Nov 09 1995 - 04:41:04 PST

Now we are getting somewhere. The last two are
thoguht provoking, but still not satisfactory to me,
thanks to my ignorant status.
I felt all living things had souls, hebnce my
earlier statement that all souls are conserved.
I gather the debate between advaita and visihista-
dwaita is whether the Paramata and Jivatma exist 
I look at one's own life here as an occupation of
a seat or body and return again to get another
seat, except of course you skip the musical chair
game, if you attain nirvana. Then you hover
around up there next to the paramatman .
The question is what do you do while here.
I still feel that purpose of life here is to
have mental peace even when time is hanging 
on you.
Most of the time , you are busy with work
or kriya. You are in sleep o f death a third of the
time. Will you be in a state of calm or bliss if
you find something to do, that does not affect
other souls around you? Or should you be in
a state of bhakti?
How do you come to terms with the modern world
of technology and physical knowledge. I cannot
accept that our Acaryas of the past could have
visualized all this and the world of 100+ nations.
I do not in anyway ignore their remarkable wisdom
and wit. Bajgovindam attests to it.
If there was one God, would he have tried to 
reveal himself as the one for all the universe?
Or is it his "maya" that we continue to live in
Does one have to ponder on these or skip it and
get along with hsi immediate tasks and await
If I have been out of place, excuse me, it is muy
way of getting to know what does PofL mean?