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Re: Purpose of Life

From: Eswar Josyula (
Date: Wed Nov 08 1995 - 10:21:49 PST

Interesting discussions.  I noted Mani's disagreement with the
usage of 'creation' of soul.  His explanations have the heavy
accent of advaita in them.  I don't find this an appropriate 
place to discuss this aspect.  Anyway, the point of my writing
has more to do with saying again and again that all Vaisnava
acaryas are in unison in saying that the purpose of life is to
serve Lord Vishnu.  

K.P. Sridharan stated the Gaudiya position.  The point there is that
the jivas born onthis material planet have a choice to continue
enjoying independent of Lord Vishnu or choose to engage in the 
service of Lord Vishnu.

Jagannath stated the point on envy very well. I could not have
done it better.  When we associate with Vaisnavas, we can see that
one of the greatest qualities they possess as do all Vaisnavas
is that theyare free from envy.  This is possible for them because
they are free from envy of the Greatness of Lord Vishnu.  Otherwise,
it is not possible.

About Krish's comments.  All Vaisnava Acaryas and the champion of Advaita,
Sri Sankara differentiated animal and man.  Because man is endowed
with this human body, it is possible to raise the consciousness to
something Godly. Thinking that man is like an animal, it is not that
we have think we are animals and behave like animals.  

Another of Kirsh's comments.  To have personal goals and ambitions
of coming to US, etc. All these can be directed to wards God.  That is
what service to Lord Vishnu means.  

Sorry for not elaborting, but network is really slow.

-Eswar Josyula