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Date: Tue Nov 07 1995 - 09:57:31 PST

Dear Bhakthas of Sri Vaishnava mailing list,
	I'm Vijayadamodar and this is my brief note introducing
	I aspire to be a devotee of Sree Krishna and I'm trying
	to do sadhana according to the Gaudiya Vaishnava sampradaya
	for the last 15 years. My initiating guru is Sri Jayapataka
	swamy, who is a disciple of Sri Bhaktivedantaswamy Prabhupada,
	the founder Acarya of ISKCON. 
	I've immense respect and adoration for Sri Ramanujacarya and 
	his followers. I was deeply impressed by the genuine humility 
	and good behavior of the Sri Vaishanva  devotees I met in 
	Srirangam, Tirupathy, Madurai and Bangalore. That is the 
	reason I wanted to join this mailing list and Mani has kindly
	included my name also. 
	I hope to learn the basic tenets, philosophy and mainly how to 
	take shelter of the lotus feet of Sriman Narayana. Also how to 
	appreciate Sriman Narayana in ever newer[to me!] methods and 
	forms. I also have an addiction to read the biographies of the 
	devotees of the Lord. I should say that I won't be much of a 
	contributor to the list other than asking some questions and 
	seeking clarifications.
	My background:
	Born in Trivandrum in 1965. Lived there until I got my first 
	degree [1985].  I took initiation from my guru in 1980.
	Rest goes as follows:
	M.Sc [Physics;T.I.F.R, Bombay]; PhD [Theoretical Chemical Physics
	;I.I.Sc, Bangalore];
	Postdoc [93- 95; Tel Aviv, Israel]; [95 - ? Boston
	Married and has a daughter.
	Currently I'm trying to read and understand Vedartha sangraha
	of Sri Ramanujacharya.
	I hope the above is not too boring for the readers.