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Purpose of Life Wisdom of Krish

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Nov 07 1995 - 05:50:38 PST

I disagree with the" insightful" comments of Krish on the purpose of
Life.According to Western 
tradition, the deepest Places In "Hell" are reserved for those , who do not take
sides in a major 
argument.  I will take the side  that there is much more to Life than leading an
animal edition of Human existence. I am offended by the implicatuion of the
statement from Krish that the sole purpose of Life is to leave some one behind
as  a heir . Does Krish suggest that the great souls that chose Celibacy such as
Ahobila Matam"s First Jeeyar, Adi Sankara and others , who did not leave some
one behind out of  their own volition are owners of Purposeless lives. On the
contrary ,They left  some thing much bigger for Humanity than the whole
populations of people ,leading purposeful lives a la Krish.

I am impressed by the arguments of Krish, that help to fight hypocricy, but they
can be made in a genuine  searching  sense, rather than in such a cynical and
Caustic and unfailingly offensive way of  communication. Krish often reminds me
of Madonna, who is looking for newer and newer ways to shock people. That is her
trade and she makes millions on it. Regarding Krish"as motives for this enormous
craving to offend others, I do not know. I am sure , he might pour vitriol all
over,I do not mind about that prospect. There is a point, where you say , enough
is enough, even if you have  thick skin to resist engagement in Polemics.