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From: krish (
Date: Mon Nov 06 1995 - 12:11:55 PST

Adi-drvida is a term I have heard. DMK usesd to use Dravida
for the same, thogh it connotated everybody except
brhamins. Another term used for still lower clas was
As a general interest, I reccommend the book "India,
a land of muillion mutinies " by Naipal. It is a
list of narratives about people  Naipaul met there.
The narratives of interest are of Kausthan, an Iyengar
in Triplicane, A DMK memeber in Madras and an astrolger
Iyer in Madras. It vividly points out their prespectives
of life in Modern India. The others are about 
similar lives elsewhere in India. Surprisingly, I was
able to trace Kakusthan in Triplicane (psudonym in
the book ).