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Tattvaloka,Publication of Sringeri Mutt

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Nov 06 1995 - 08:10:57 PST

Dear Members of the Prapatti group:

I would like to bring to your attention the existence of the above journal, if
you are not already familiar. I write often for that magazine, becaue it has  a
theme, which is about Adi Sankara"s Shanmathas and also about the Hindu Dharmas
and Shastras. The Editor has now moved to Edison, NJ as a part of the efforts to
Internationalize that Journal and also to manage the Newly created Sringeri
Sadhana Center in Poconos, Pa. At that center,the Icons of Sri Sarada Devi,
Ganesa and Adi Sankara have been consecrated and most recently , they
celebrated Navarathri in a magnificient fashion with Chandi Homam etc. Last
week, I am told that they had a Maha Gayari Homam in the prescribed manner.  Two
of the members of our group had  asked me for the address of the Editor Of
Tattvaloka to get the back issues on Hindu Samskaras.I thought some of our
members from the Saivite Tradition might also be interested in this Information.
You may  get  additional Information on the above center or the Tattvaloka
Journal (25$ per Year  subscribtion) at the following address:
Mr.T.R.Ramachandran, Editor,Tattvaloka
C/O Silverline Industries, 
53 Knightsbridge Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854

A Summary of special issues (each 96 pages  long) are provided below to get an
idea of the breadth and depth of the topics covered. With a magnanimous view,
the Current Peetathipati has not limite the coverage to Advaitic point of View.
I have put an asterik after the issues. , where I had the privelege of
contributing an article in this High Quality Journal.I have included some
representative articles in those issues 

1. Sri Balaji * (The Greatness of Balaji),APrayer to Lord Venkateswara by
Nammazhwar, Adi sankara"s Padadi Kesaantha Stotra are some of the articles i n
this issue , which appeared during June/july 1991

2. Hanuman*((source Literature on Hanuman,Birth and Childhood of Hanuman),
Hanuman in Adhyatya Ramayana, Hanuman IN SE Asia, Shrines with Maruti Abodes  et
al. Date Feb/March 1995

3.Maha Lakshmi, Oct/Nov 1991: Alawandar"s Chatusloki, MahaLakshmi Sahasra Nama,
Lakshmi Klahari, Sri Sukta as Prayoga sastra, Festivals and Vratas of Maha
Lakshmi,Lakshmi a ssupreme Power, Sapta Lakshmis,Sri lakshmi"s origin INthe

4.Dhyana and Meditation*(Upanishadic Meditation), Meditation, the missing
dimension of Modern Medicine, Sri Krishna on Dhyana, Tips on Meditation  et al

5.Hindu Samskaaras: * (An Overview of the 40 Samskaras)Upanayana by Swami
Paramartananda,	Vedarambha, Samavartana, .

6.Goddess Saraswati, Oct/Nov 1992:Saraswati in Vedas, Puranas, Saraswati Rahasya
Upanishad,Saraswati In Tamil Literature and Culture, Saraswati IN Far
East.,Saraswati Puja etc.

7.Surya Deva: Feb /March 1994: *(Surya, the Vedic God,Surya Namaskara Prasnam,
Sun Temples In India), Surya In Rg Veda, Surya Diksha, The Cult of Surya,Surya
Gita et al

8.Srimad Bhagavatam*(Source Literature on Srimad Bhagavatam), Brahmopadesa to
Parikshit, Vamana Avatara, Jada Bharata, Bhisma Stuti< Gajendra Stuti,Prahlada
Stuti et al

9.Pranva: *(Vedic Pranava, Pancha Pranavas), Pranava In Vaishnava Tradition, Om
in Saguna Upasana et a Aug/Sep 1995.
lI excerpted the article for Prapatti Posting from my two articles there.

10. June /July 1992 Issue on Sri lakshmi Narasimha: *( Narasimha Avatara In
Bhagavata, The Temples of Narasimha In Andrha Pradesh, The Temples of Narasimha
in Tamilnadu), Images of Narasimha, a Pictorial study, Lakshmi Narasimha
Karunarasa Stotra by Adi Sankara,a  translation, Sri Narasimha Bhujanga Prayata
Stotra by H.H. Sacchidanda Sivabhinava  Narasimha Bharati, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha
Pancharatnam of H.H. Chandrasekhara Bharati, Sri Veetrirundha Perumal Temple at
Thirumozhisai et al

11.Special issue on the Theory of Rebirth:*(Brahma Sutras  and Rebirth), Sraddha
Ceremony, Theory of Rebirth, a survey, Two paths after Death, Law of Karma et
al. June/July 1995/

12. There have been special issues in the past on Subrahmanya, Aiyappan, Ganesa,
Maha kali,Durga  ,Lalita Tripura Sundari et al. Each of thes ehave been a
treasure trove of source literature for students of Philosophy and Hindu

I have enjoyed reading them and contributing to this journal.I thought that this
piece of general Information might be of interest to a few members of the groups
and their friends.



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