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RE: Upanayanam and Sandhyavandanam

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Mon Nov 06 1995 - 10:16:15 PST

I would request that members not use the term 'shudra'
in their posts, except when referring to technical aspects
of shaastra, and then also only when absolutely necessary.
I find the term derogatory, as it is only used by 
brahmins to describe non-brahmins, and never by the
so-called shudras to describe themselves.

Recall that Nammazhvaar was born into a so-called
shudra jaati.  However, I have never heard *any* Sri Vaishnava
ever refer to him as being of shudra jaati. Let us extend
this respect to all people.