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Sri Garuda Dhandakam -Part II

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Nov 05 1995 - 20:14:53 PST

Dhandakam Paada 3
Nama Idha Mahajat Saparyaaya Paryaaya Niryaata Pakshaanilaasppalanodhvela
Pathoti Veechi 
chapetaahataagaadha paatala Bhankara sankrutta nagendra peetasrunee bhava
bhasvannakasrenayae chandatundaya nrtyat bhujanga bhruve vajrine dhamshtrayaa
tubyam Adhyaatmavidyaa vidheyaa vidheyaa bhavat dhasyamaapaadhayeta
dhayataasccha meh I

O Garuda Bhagavan! Learned scholars offer their uninterrupted worships to you.
Your wings in flight generate mighty winds  that stir up  all the oceans  and
make them flow  over their boundaries.    The waves that rise  and fall from
those powerful winds  reach down to the netherworld(Paatalam) and the effect is
like  a violent blow given by the palm of one"s hand. A  frightening sound heard
as "Bhaam "  reverbate   around the world at that time . The mighty elephants
guarding the quarters are shaken up by this mighty sound of "Bhaam" and run to
attack you,  the generator of that  sound. Your  rows of  sharp nails acting as
the elephant goad  attack those angry  elephants of the quarters and repulse
them.Your mighty beak raises terror in the minds of your enemies.When you squint
your brows, it looks like the movement of the hood of a Cobra. Your cannine
teeth look like the Vajra weapon of  Indra and  strikes terror in the hearts of
your enemies.   
My salutations to you of such limitless glory! May thou  bless me so that Brahma
Vidyas become easy to be possessed  by me! Please bless me  out of your infinite
 so that I can  have the good  fortune to offer kainkaryam to you .

Dhandakam Paada 4
Manuranugata Pakshivaktra spurattharakas taavakaschitrabhanupriyaa
sekharastthrayathaam nastrivargaapavarga prasuthi: paravyoma dhaman
valadweshidharpjjvalat vaalakilya Pratigynaavatheerna sthiraam tatvabuddhim
paraam bhaktidhenum jaganmoolakandhe Mukundhe 
mahaanandadhogdhreem dhatitaa mudaakaamaheenamaheenaanthaka II

O Garuda Bhagavan residing permanently in Sri Vaikuntam! Your mantram confers to
the reciters the four fold (Dharma-Artha-Kama -Moksha) goals of Life. THat
mantram of yours made up of 5  syllables,has the Pranavam as its first syllable.
At the end , it carries the syllable associated with the wife of Agni.May the
mantram of that structure  protect us ! Once,  Devendran became arrogant over
his powers and insulted the Sages with the name of Valakilyas. (The sages  got
angry and cursed Indra.They cursed that Indra"s arrogance be destroyed by an
incarnation of Sankarshana (Garuda) at a future date). You were born  from the
vow made by the Valakilyas that the mighty arrogance of Indra be destroyed by
you and you made their words become true. You serve as the lord of Death for
mighty serpents that challenged  you.Please bless me  with the discriminating
knowledge to distinguish between true(superior) and false (inferior) knowledge.
Your Lord is the fundamental and principal cause of all  the universes.Please
bless me to have the cow representing the limitless devotion to your Lord , so
that It  can yield for me its  delectable milk . May that  devotion of mine  be
free from the distractions  of the  insignificant  and evanescent  pleasures of
life! May thou confer on  me the boon of  possessing such  a superior devotion
to your Lord and True Knowledge about Him!

Sloka in Aarya meter outlining the structure of Garuda Dhandakam
Shuttrhimsatganacharanoh Nara paripaati naveena Ghumbhagana: I
Vishnurathadhandakoyam Vikatayathu vipaksha Vahini Vyuham II

This entire Garuda  Dhandakam is of the form of one slokam. This has four
Paadas. Each of the Paadas have 36 Ganas.Each Gana has three syllables. This
Dhandakam follows strictly the rules of composing 
Dhandakams and has the Naganas and Ragnas in each of  the Paadas and yields
novel word constructions.When one recites this Garuda Dhandakam , it will
destroy the formations of the enemies, who have assemblled to do battle with us
and scatter them to the winds.

Concluding Sloka in hte Anushtub meter
Vichitra siddhidada: Soyam Venkatesa Vipascchitaa I
Garudadhwajathoshaaya Ghito Garudadhandaka: II

This Garuda Dhandakam was composed and sung  by me , the Vidwan known as
Venkatesa to please the Lord, who has Garuda on his flagstaff.  The recitation
of this Garuda Dhandakam will confer on the reciter multifold blessings and
fulfill their heartfelt wishes of every kind.

Kavithaarkikasimhaaya  Kalyanagunasaalineh I
Srimathe Venkatesaaya Vedanthaguraveh nama: II
Srimathe Nigamantha Mahaa Desikaaya Namah: