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Date: Sat Nov 04 1995 - 12:31:18 PST

Dear Shakthi: Upanayanam is one of the most important of the 40 Samskaras
prescribed by Shastras for a Hindu. I recently wrote an article for the
Magazine called "Tattvaloka", published every two months by the Sringeri
Sarada Peetam"s Acharya: Swami Bharathi Teertha Swami, the 36Th occupant
of the  Peetam established by Adi Sankara at Sringeri. That has  a 
coverage on all the Samskaras for Hindus  .There  are Special articles
there on Upanayanam by others and its significance for all Hindus .
You may wish to get a copy of this issue from the Editor of this journal, 
who currently resides in Edison, NJ.I will be happy to send you his 
address. Otherwise, I can Copy my  article and send it to you.The issue has
96 pages.
The mantras of Sandhya Vandanam are from the Vedas and are beautiful 
and they become relevant after the Upanayanam ceremony is completed.
Brahmopadesam takes place during the Upanayanam and makes the 
Brahmachari eligible to pursue his Vedic Studies.
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Subject: upanayanam

I would like to know the significance of upanayanam. i am told by my parents
that we should do the upanayam for our boys   even if they dont belive in
this  we should do our' Duty' as parents .i dont understand this.Also why
does one has to have upanayam just before getting married if that person does
not believe in upanayanam or sandhyavandana m in the first place?