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Re: Sandhyavandhanam

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Date: Sat Nov 04 1995 - 10:41:47 PST

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> Hello friends,
> 	I am wondering if any one in this group can enlighten me 
> about the purpose of doing Sandhyaavandhanam ?  What is its 
> significance ? I have been doing it all these days without really 
> understanding the pupose or its significance i guess !
> 	Thanks to Sunder Kidambi for posting the Sudharshaanastakam 
> in Devanagari script.  I also enjoyed studying the meaning for the 
> same, posted by Dr. V.Sadagopan in the Sri Vaishnava Home Page.
> 	Thanks,
> 	Govindarajan

I heard somewhere that the morning/noon/evening prayers were to
request the Divine Being to grant one the ability to focus on the
study of Sastras/Vedas, which was to follow the morning and noon
prayers, and to initiate the nightly prayers that were to be performed
following the evening Sandhya.  As to why they are to be done just
before eating meals, I am at a loss at an explanation.  I'm sure the
knowledgeable ones in the group can provide answers and corrections to
what I just wrote.

On another vein, what exactly is the significance of the Urdhvapundra
(I think that is the same as the Thiruman and Srichurnam) ?  I recall
reading a message a while back about the significance of the "pottu"
or "bottu", but that did not discuss the meaning of the "two white
lines and red/orange line in between."