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I LOVE THE Hindu Religious Quotes
Date: Fri Nov 03 1995 - 22:14:53 PST

The HINDU Quotes

I  read The Hindu
on WWW. The best part of it for me is 
the RELEGION section. I copy and
save everyone of them. Personally
rest of the paper is more or less typical
politics as usual. The next best thing 
in Hindu paper is readers views
(letters to the editor). Unfortunately
I have not seen it on WWW. May be it 
is not covered there. So I go ahead and
read Editorial section. 
In summary,
 I copy and study the Religion section.
I read the editorial
I browse through rest of the paper.

By the way, every news paper in the US, I ever bought
Houston Post (Texas)
Lexington Herald(Kentucky)
Bartlesville examiner(Oklahoma)
Cincinnati Enquirer(Ohio)
discuss Christianity Heavily.
Even the real estate section is nor free
from it-Burial plots!
I have not read NY times inside pages.
I would very much think thay will also 
carry religion column (perhaps both Christian and Jewish).

Greater than 50% of the people in the US said they
believe in Creation as per the Bible. This survey
was published in reputed US journal" Science."
USA is perhaps as religious country than India
-just because
they don't talk about Alwars, let us not think they
are not religious!  In fact, one popular sociologist
Peter Berger, interviewed on PBS by Bill Moyers
 said that Americans
are mystical Dreamers. The real materialists are the 
EAST ASIANS. He said , Americans may even be 
less materialistic and more religious than Indians.
I alos get this feeling after Saturday parties
in Indian gatherings- (note: I am not criticising that).
News media in the US rightly caters to the Christian sentiments.
If it avoids here and there it is with great pressure
to be politically correct and also because of 
a greater Jewish influence in the media.
The famous Time Magazine has a section on RELIGION.
K. Sreekrishna