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RE:Krish's comments-Myth/Purpose etc.
Date: Fri Nov 03 1995 - 21:12:00 PST

Krish said:
>>I am
>>unimpressed by the myth and would like to
>>know the meat of their sayings.

You may benefit by watching the video
"Joseph Campbell and the POWER OF MYTH
with Bill Moyers"  A book was also published
with the same title. 

>>What finally matters is 
>>one's own thoughts. One does not need a group
>>support ( as organized religions are just
>>that ) to strenghten his own realization of
>>the purpose of his existence.
I agree. I would also add one's own DEEDS to
the thoughts.
Group support is helpful in the beginning 
stages of our life.  Otherwise we will
probably end up in street ganga! 
Like Swami Vivekananda
said: it is great to be BORN & RAISED in a Church 
or a 
sect (say for eg., Srivaishnavas). 
It is not so great to DIE in it. 

There is no clear  purpose to life. 
What is the purpose of life?It is
basically whatever we make out of it.
Like Krishna says in the Gita, 
everyone is  doing something all the time.
That doing something gives purpose. 
This does not mean we can do anything,
because, there are somethings which we
will never be able to do (the impossible),
Also there are somethings that will happen
no matter what (Death, earthquake, etc., the inevitable). 
 Then are
some things that will happen ONLY IF WE TRY
(the possible). It is here we write the purpose
of our life.
You are very right about goal setting. people 
who set their goal have a better chance of reaching it.
We are a part of everything we have met. This
 includes the culture, the traditions, friends,
Prapatti group and other such group, we owe 
a lot to all the purvacharyas-BUT all these are only
road signs, guide posts-The final truth we have
 to reach (realize) ourselves.  Then it will be real.
Just as Joseph campbell says "A HERO WITH A
THOUSAND FACES". Everyone of us is a HERO
(no gender intended). I say this with due respect 
K. Sreekrishna