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Re: Hindu quotes

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Fri Nov 03 1995 - 16:46:23 PST

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995 15:21:46 -0500 krsih@astro said:
>I think it is a lot of baloney proselytizing about
>Vaishnavism, especially about leading one's life
>so nobly. Kam, artha and bogha as important as
>moksha and I still have to find an individual who
>reists it. Pepole choose Acharya way of life if
>it befits them. I am sure none of us wanted to go to
>study in Vedant schools and would send our kids to it.
>Hindu puts the column since it is saleable in India.
>Imagine the protests if NY Times has a religion column.
>I think we should stick to Prapatti and rest of
>the play on Ramanuja

     Anyone who thinks that Sri Vaishnavam advocates
     austere life is simply  ignorant.  Consider the 27th
     paasuram of Thiruppaavai that starts with
     "koodaarai vellum seer gOvindhaa."    Here AndaaL
     describes the various jewels, and clothes with which
     the devotees adorn themselves.  Then they go on to
     participate in a feast that includes consuming
     "paarchORu" (milk-rice) as ghee drips down the
     forearm.  All of this is possible only through the
     pursuit of worldly wealth, which, as far as Sri
     Vaishnavas are concerned, is to be undertaken as
     service to our Lord Narayana.  According to legend
     Thirumangai mannan pursued worldly wealth even
     to the extent of forcibly relieving the rich of a part
     of their hording.  Finally, most Sri Vasihnava
     acharyaas go through the grahastha stage involving
     pursuit of worldly wealth.  Therefore there is nothing
     incompatible between the pursuit of worldly wealth
     and being a Sri Vaishnava.  As a matter of fact, Sri
     Ramanuja wanted to make everyone a Sri vaishnava, not
     just those who go to vEdha paatasaalai.

     Now, about NY Times and The Hindu; this "Uncle-
     Tom" decease is perhaps unique to expatriate
     Indians I guess.  For these individuals western
     standards are more legitimate and must be imposed
     upon Indians.  But I am glad that the editors of The
     Hindu are not persuaded by these pseudo-
     intellectuals.  Further, what is asserted in the
     statement is far from widely accepted fact.
     Who is to say what sort of protest NY Times would
     face or whether The Hindu will drop this column if
     Indians protest.  Speculations do not make facts.

     Finally, about "sticking to prapatti" etc.; first, the
     purpose of my post was to bring the URL for the
     On-line Hindu and its religion column to the notice
     of this group.  If this is not of interest, the
     sensible thing to do is to simply ignore it.  Secondly,
     IMHO, the article itself was more in line with the
     interests of a group like this (Bhakthi/prapatti) than
     Sri. Krish's many articles that have appeared in the
     course of last couple of months.  Since he routinely
     posts opinions that are incongruent to the doctrine
     of bhakthi/prapatti I don't know why he continues to
     be part of this group and wastes his time as well as

     Sorry, if I was blunt in this post.  If I was out of line
     I will accept your criticisms.

-- Dileepan