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The Hindu on-line

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Fri Nov 03 1995 - 11:33:04 PST

I think many in this group will be familiar with the
column on religion that appears on the last page of
The Hindu.  Here is one column in the on-line version
of Hindu at

Bound to Him, inseparable like Sri AndaaL says in
Thiruppaavai, "undhannOdu uRavEl namakku ingu ozhikka
ozhiyaadhu" service to Him is the only way to rid
ourself of grief and achieve eternal and
undiminishing happiness not only in the
other world, but here and now as well.

-- Dileepan

==========The Hindu Article====================================
Repose faith in God's grace

Date: 28-10-1995 :: Pg: 24 :: Col: c

Cl: Religion

MADRAS, Oct. 28.

        The  tendency  of  modern man is to  reach  out  for  the
fleeting  shadows  of worldly attractions. Some  have  even  lost
faith  in  religious  truth and moral  values.  Some  hunger  for
transient  honour and seek self-defeating enjoyment. They  forget
that  human reason, unaided and unsupported by scriptures  cannot
take them very far. They cannot pull themselves out by their  own
efforts. They need God's grace, which is there always but do  not
yearn  to  receive.  The sacred works remind  them  that  worldly
knowledge which they acquire will be purposeless as at the end of
their journey in life it does not help them to see God.

        Basically, the soul within each man is sinless, free from
grief. But when the influence of delusion distracts it, the  soul
errs and makes the person behave in a selfish manner. Until  such
a  fallen  soul  unconditionally accepts  God's  supremacy,  this
illusion  will  continue  to  extend  its  stranglehold.  Riches,
honour,  power and position, blinds man and make him  drift  away
from  God.  One who aspires to resist the impact of  the  worldly
temptations should firmly hold to the feet of God and  constantly
remember Him. Then he is sure to find an end to his  restlessness
in his voyage.

        Due   to  ignorance  men  remain  engrossed  in   worldly
activities. They may desire to reach God but may fail. They  need
the guidance of an enlightened person who will show them the  way
by pointing out various simple steps. Beginning with the  process
of  remembrance  of God, aspirants will have to  go  through  the
stages of retention, meditation, continuous recollection and then
communion  with God. They will not then allow themselves  to  get
drowned in worldliness.

        The scriptures serve to instruct men who are inclined  to
reach God's kingdom, to hear about God's superhuman deeds when He
was  amidst humanity, chant His names and sing His glory.  ``When
the Lord is near us and loves us, why not worship Him and  obtain
His grace'' saints ask us. God being co-eval with His names, when
they  are  cited  with devotion, He will reveal  Himself  in  the
devotees'  hearts,  explained  Sri  B.  V.  Paramahamsa   Maharaj
(Gaudiya Math) in a lecture.

        While  repeating  God's  names,  there  should  be  total
concentration,  purity  of  the  mind  and  recollection  of  His
qualities  particularly of His compassion towards  human  beings.
Lord  Chaitanya  has  referred to the four merits  of  a  devotee
humanity,   forbearance,  desirelessness  and  offering  of   due
respects to all Godly souls. Those who thus hold on to God should
display  total  confidence in the Lord's powers,  undertake  only
those  duties which will gladden Him and feel quite  secure  that
God will take care of their interests.