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Sreekrishna's comments

From: krish (
Date: Fri Nov 03 1995 - 05:00:07 PST

Thank you for noticing my querry on the West.
Thugh I do enjoy the notes on Alwars, I ma
unimpressed by the myth and would like to
know the meat of their sayings. Many of the
poems are on the greaness in strenght and beauty
and losse me.  The verses are nice to be heard
and probably good for mrditayion, to have some
mental peace from your day to day mundane and 
worried thoughts.
We have to accept the world as it is, to ehat it
should be. There is an inherent competition
for survival, one wants a better job than the
other etc. The one who knows the game and
plays it well usually succeeds to achieve
what he wants, settling in the US or
rising in the corporate ladder. As the goal
is kept in mind, the probabilty of success is
higher. What has appealed to me about Hinduism is
yhay it accommadates a wide variety of religious
interest. And it does not steress absolute
morality and accepts the constraints of time
and place.
But it has had its drawbacks, in the practice
of caste and male chauvinism. The latter is 
universal and probably because a woman was
disadvantaged during pregnancy. Even here, 
the respect for a woman, childbearing one, puts
our religion in better light. Still, a modern
woman will find it difficult to accept the
secondary status.
To some extent, the emigrants from India have
chosen a different path, but do not have to
feel guilty about it. What finally matters is 
one's own thoguts. One does not need a group
support ( as organized religions are just
that ) to strenghten his own realization of
the peurpose of his existence.