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LakshiNrsimha Strotram

From: John Grimes (
Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 16:05:53 PST

In reply to article on the Lakshmi Nrsimha
>KarAvalambha stotram, Ramagopal asks: My impression was that Sri Lakshmi
>Nrsimha KarAvalambha Strotram was written (rather recited) by Sri Jagdguru
>Sankaracharya, when he was in trouble (or half burnt).   My father used to
>tell me this story when I was a small kid, but I can not recollect
>anything.  Can any one fill me.

There are two Laksmi-Nrsimha strotras (supposedly) composed by
Sankaracharya: The 5 verse Laksmi-Nrsimha Panca Ratnam which ends bhaja
bhaja laksmi nrsimhanagha pada sarasijamakarandam (Therefore worship oh
mind! worship Lord Laksmi Nrsimha and drink the honey from the never
failing lotus feet of Laksmi Nrshimha) and a 17 verse hymn which ends with
the refrain: Laksmiminrsimha mama dehi karavalambam (Oh Lord Nrsimha! Give
me the support of your hand to pass through this life without doubt or
difficulty.) The former hymn was supposedly sung by Sankaracharya to
appease Lord Nrsimha who had suddenly appeared before him (at the behest of
Sankaracharya's disciple, Padmapada to save Sankaracharya from a Kapalika
who was about to cut off his head - a boon the Kapalika had secured from
Sankaracharya but which Padmapada prevented).

John Grimes, Dept of Philosophy, NUS