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Poygai aazhwaar

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 06:12:49 PST

        Sri Boomi dEvi Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

 The day before yesterday was poygai aazwaar's thirunakshathram ie sravanam.
pEyaazhwaar is avittam the next day and boothaazhwaar's is sathayam the next
day. These saints are also the incarnations of Sri Gathaaa, Sri saarngaa, and
Sri changu in the same order as they were evolved as weapons for the Lord. The
greatest of all the thing they jointly initiated is "Naalaayira Divya
prabandam" and the first song of these 4000 were offered to Sriman Naaraayanan
Himself in his presence directly starting as  " vaiyamE thagaliyaa..., from
muthal thirvanthaathi (100 songs) and irandaam thriuvandaathi and moonraaam
thiruvanthaathi by the three azwaars respectively in the same order of thier
incarnations at thiruk kOviloor. There is no other literature present or known
that was directly offered tro the LORD in his direct physical presence in this

	The one other interesting aspect of this is the moola moorthy of that
skekthram is perumaal in thiruvikrama avathaaram. There is a saivite shekthram
just a little away from this place (10 miles) is thiruvannaamalai where saint
Ramana maharishi and others took refuge to Lord shiva in the eternal light or
Annaamlai deepam form. Preceding this history, Lord Vishnu first appeard as the
brightest eternal light as described by the first of 4000's song "vaiyamE
thagaliyaa" at this sannathi in thiruk koviloor and later also as the spiritual
light in their hearts as per the first song of iraNdaam thirvanthaathi starting
as "anbE thagaLiyaa ... at Thirukoviloor. The reference to physical realisation
of eternal light from both siavite and vaishnavite tradition occured here in
this neighborhood.
There are several other citations on jothi in 4000.

 Sampath Rengi