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Azhwar Thirunakshatram
Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 05:37:58 PST

Yesterday was Bhoota AzhwAr's Thirunakshatram and today is Peyi
AzhwAr's Thirunakshatram.  The only episode in the lives of these
three AzhwArs that I am aware of is when Peyi AzhwAr was caught in a
thunderstorm, He lost whatever little clothing he had left to the
forces of nature and found a shelter from the rain which had just
enough room for Him to lie down and take rest.  A short while later
he heard a knock and Bhuta AzhwAr requested shelter.  There was not
enough room for both of them to lie down but they could both sit
comfortably.  A while later there was one more knock and this time
Poigai AzhwAr was wating outside.  There was not enough room for all
three of them to sit but all three could stand comfortably and get
protection from the rain.  A short while later there was one more
knock and a person from outside wanted to get in.  There was
absolutely no room in the shack and the three AzhwArs decided to come
out and stand in the rain rather than turn away a guest.  The fourth
individual happened to be NarAyana.

Can anybody throw more light on the life of these AzhwArs besides
this one incident?

For anybody who would like to observe but does not have the
information tomorrow is Ekadashi.