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From: John Grimes (
Date: Wed Nov 01 1995 - 20:11:01 PST

Namaskaromi to all,
My name is John Grimes and I currently teach Indian Philosophy in the
Philosophy Department at the National University of Singapore. I have
written a number of books, the latest: GANAPATI: Song of the Self (SUNY
Press, 1995) I have a M.A. and PhD from the Radhakrishnan Institute for
Advanced Study in Philosohpy, University of Madras. I resided in Madras for
over 10 years studying and prior to that roamed the banks of the Kaveri
River for three years. I have a South Indian wife, Smt. Balameera Chanda
Iyer, who is a many-titled Hari-Katha exponent (trained by Embar
Vijayaraghavachar of Srirangam). I am currrently very interested in the
doctrine of Prapatti/Saranagati as well as Sri/Acarya as purusakaras.
Sriman narayana caranau saranam/prapadye srimate narayanaya namah.

John Grimes, Dept of Philosophy, NUS