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acharyas and their hagiologies (aitihyam)

From: Dan Pattangi (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 14:52:00 PST


Please accept adiyEn's humble pranams:

:-Recently Mukundan has written a pained note expressing dismay
:-that someone has tried to challenge that the Lord himself learnt
:-from Maamunigal. 

Not just someone, so many mails from various members, taking every chance
to disprove Mamunigal as lord's acharyan (If one does not want to
agree,just leave it alone, Do NOT Put down anyone's Acharya)

:-I really do not think anyone wishes to "disprove" 
:-Maamunigal's acharya-ship to the Lord. For that matter, it is not 

Just read your next two lines: 

:-provable either, and it carries no water with me. (What would it
:-mean for the sarvajna, the mass of knowledge Himself, to "learn"
:-from Maamunigal? In what way was he a sishya?) It is, however,

You are not wishing to disprove anything here, but your sentences are
leading to that.

It is our limitation in understanding that makes us ask:
- : Why THe Mass of Knowledge Himself wants to learn from Mamunigal.

If we approach periyavas (Not JUST in age, but also in TRUE KNOWLEDGE)
we might get to learn:
Periyavas say: Its the Anubhavam of enjoying Thiruvaimozhi, so much that
tears are pouring out for hours together while giving and enjoying
Mamunigal's discourses on Thiruvaimizhi.

Lord wanted to experience this divine Anubhava.
Lord also wanted to show to the world true nature of acharya.
Adisesha had been serving Lord in the way only HE can, Lord wanted to do
something back for this ardent dAsan.
He also wanted to complete the PurvaAcharya GuruParampara, with HIM, 
as it also started by HIM.
There are so many more reasons, for reasons better left unsaid, adiyEn
will stop with these.

For those not wanting to take on Mamunigal or accept him in small parts,
Its ok. Mamunigal is not the looser, Ramanuja is not the looser, 
sampradaya is not the looser. 

adiyEn will stop with this,
Let us all strive to follow Bhagawath Ramanuaja's teachings, 
no ill feelings/no Kamam/no anger/no anavasya vaadham, 

--truth is truth & will be so regardless of what we say or think----

It is our limitation in understanding and the Ahankaram that we can read a
couple of books that further keeps us from enjoy these anubhavas.

Forgive me for this note, as I write this in tears for all of us.

adiyEn rAmAnujA dAsan
Mukundan Vankipuram Pattangi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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