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Re: Paavai nOnbu

From: Mohan T L (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 01:05:05 PST

Hari Hari,

The mail from Shree. Madava Vasudevan on Pavai Nombu
is very good. But, Adiyen would like to add a few
words in this matter.

It will have to be that way only for a Shree
Vaishnavan, i.e., being like a PATIVRATAA stree or as
PRAHLAADAN in his Sharanaagati to Shreemannaaraayanan.
Also, Sharanaagati to Shreemannaaraayanan itself is
the SAADHANAM and PHALAM. This infact can be the only
identity for a Shree Vaishnavan. 

But, Adiyen feels that, in maintaining that
PAATIVRATYAM, we Shree Vaishnavites, should not keep
telling repeatedly again and again, that we do not
worship other DEMI-GODS. Adiyen feels, by telling so
and using that word (DEMI-GOD), we are in a way
showing our disrespect to Devataantarangal. Infact,
Adiyen feels, Shriyahpati Shreemannaaraayanan would be
happy to see us making a respectful Pranaamams to
Devataantarangal. Adiyen feels, SwaSwaami Nishte,
always shines better, when it also includes respect to

Adiyen may kindly be excused, if out of AlpaBuddhi,
has come out with comments / remarks which is hurting
anyone. Adiyen is apologising for any such thing.

Hari Hari

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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