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Mamunigal - Avatara of Ramanuja.

From: Dan Pattangi (
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 23:22:17 PST


Please accept my humble pranams.

It pains me to see devotees taking so much time and
efforts to disprove Mamunigal as Lord's Acharyan.

A Very basic rule to follow for every aspiring Vaishnava:
One Should not write ill of any religion or sampradayam or disgrace
any Acharya.

Sri Adisesha is the only one whom Lord accepted as HIS AchAryan.
This Avatara of Adisesha is Mamunigal.
Adisesha is Ramanuja's Avathara as Sri MamunigaL

Mamunigal (Adisesha avatara) is the ONLY Acharyan to LORD Sriman Narayana 
(To whom Lord paid Sambhavana with the Tanian "SriSialesa Daya Patram..)

Devotees may or may not choose to accept the above, but TO TAKE
LORD's Acharyan. 

So as devotees of the Same Lord, please do not commit this apacharam
of putting Mamunigal down.

Here is a real incident:  One of the devotees in our local area,
said some very strong negative words about Mamunigal. Adiyen heard these
statements and left it upto the Lord to rectify this Devotee's attitude.
(Offered prayers to the lord for SadBuddhi to all and to forgive this 
devotee for the apacharam)

A few weeks later a major disaster happened to this devotee, and adiyEn
was left wondering if adiyEn should have (at the risk of an argument) 
educated this devotee on Bhagawada Apacharam (Also Acharya Apacharam)

LORD will forgive you for the disrespect to HIM, but to his Acharyan...? 
one should be very careful not to commit such sins (and still want to 
be an aspiring Vaishnava)

Think about this for 5 minutes: If Mamunigal had adorned a
differrent Thiruman, what would be your renewed-reaction towards HIM?

Praying to the Lord: 

1. That people start actually trying to practice bhakti and prapatti. 

2. That we treat all devotees (with No Caste, community, language and
KALAI bariers) as Lord feet and treat them with utmost respect.

adiyEn rAmAnujA dAsan
Mukundan Pattangi

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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