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RE: Introduction of myself

From: Krishna Kashyap (
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 08:43:16 PST

Dear sri Balakrishnan, You wrote:

In the 6th Chapter Arjuna rejected the astanga yoga
described by Lord Krishna yo yam yogam tvayah prokta
samyena madhusudanah......... and then cancalam hi
manah krishna pramati balaved dhryam tashayam nigraham
manye vayur eva suduskaram ( please check for the
right spelling)The yoga that you taught me is
impratical and hard to execute as the mond is

************  My views
I dont think the issue at hand is answered in your email ie.: "first 6
chapters do not focus on God but jeevatma.- as per Sri Ramanuja. This is not
so according to all dvaita / gaudiya commentaries. I feel that Sri
Ramanuja's views are more appropriate and can be validated by assessment of
Gita's original words.

Clearly, the first 6 chapters focus only on jivatma. Other commentaries do
not explain the free flow of gradual yoga which is so well explained by Sri
Ramanuja . Unfortunately this work is the least marketed Gita bhasya!.
Unless one spends a lot of time understanding the major bhasyas of Advaita,
Visistadvaita, Dvaita, a good understanding of gita is not possible. Hence,
please go thru the other bhasyas also, since you have so much interest in

The other bhasyas of dvaita/gaudiya are good books for devotees to read.
However, they can  confuse the readers' mind. One should go beyond this
confusion. Since confusion is the beginning of learning. Of course for those
who are not familiar with sanskrit, it may be tough to follow what I am
referring to and even analyse the differences in these bhasyas.

However, I do thank the hare krishnas whole heartedly to have published gita
worldwide. I am a frequent visitor to ISKON temples and I do participate in
their events. I really feel that they have great devotion.
However, Gita is an art; One has to go beyond and study different views to
perceive its beauty.

By the way Sri Sankara's work on Gita is very consistent eventhough a couple
is issues such as nirguna bramhavada and mayavada cannot be well supported
in the Gita.

By the way, Email is not a good medium to learn shastras such as gita. One
has to learn it under a guru. One should complement guru's teachings by book

Again, let me state clearly that I do not claim to understand most of gita
after working on it seriously for 20 years. Such is the greatness and power
of the words of Lord Sri Krishna. All glories to him and bhagavatas.

Ramanuja bhasya : is available in international vivekananda or ramakrishna
missions world wide - authors : SS Raghavachar, Adidevananda, MR
sampathkumaran ( may be available in other book stores), Wait for book from
SMS Chari!!! this will be an eye opener. (title - comparitive Estimate of
Commentaries on Gita ; by Samkara, Ramanuja & Madhva.
Of course if you know kannada, book by Dr. NS Anantha Rangachar is excellent
( it has 3 volumes and is available in India bangalore - phone 91-80-3383755



adiyen Krishna Kashyap

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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