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on Gita

From: krishnan murali (
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 22:44:03 PST

Dear Bala and everybody,

Very nice to be one among the introspective souls
searching for the ultimate way of living from Gita.

I have heard that as is common in everything existing
in this world, there are mis-interpretations of the
Great Gita also, where the author presses on the
reader his own subjective opinions & suggestions of
Gita. If 'Gita as it is' is read, it is clear that
Srila Prabupada emphasises on 'Bhakthi Yoga' over
Karma or Gnyana. (His supposition is that Karma &
Gnyana are not suitable for Kali yuga).

Since sri Bala says that though the path is same but
the philosophy is different, I want to know what's the
philosophy talked about Gita in 'Ramanuja Bhasya'.
Should I consider it more objective than what 'Gita as
it is'?

For considering anything and forming my opinion, I
have to study it fairly well. But, I am living in a
place beyond the reach of literature of this kind. (I
live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Middle East
Asia). My ultimate question is, should I stop studying
'Gita as it is' and look for a more objective
interpretation of Gita??

Thanks in advance


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