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Re: viShNu sthAnam

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 22:53:54 PST

> Sri mAlolan and others:  adiyEn believes that nArAyaNa as the
> supreme entity is irrefutably established by paNini's vyAkaraNa
> sootra (aphorisms on Sanskit grammar) - where the trailing "Na"
> letter of nArAyaNa (called "mooNRu suzhi 'Na'" in Tamil) renders
> the term nArAyaNa as superiormost in the universe.  Even in free
> translation, "nArAyaNa" is the ayana of naras, i.e. the super
> being from which all else emanates.

Adiyen certainly accepts what Sriman Srinath Chakravarthy has posted.

Adiyen posted the note only to point out about the uniqueness and the
utmost superiority of Sriman Naarayana who is the very brahman
extolled by Wodeyavar Ramanujar as the Brahman in Thirumala. Also
wanted to make a small note about the unique word "nArAyanA" which
can be split in as; narAnAm ayanam yasya saha.

Yathirajar Composed the Sri Bhaashyam in tirumala where in the very
first mangala slokam equates the para-brahman with Sriman Naarayana.

Adiyen posted the note only to point out about the uniqueness of
narAyana. Adiyen by mistake forgot to punch this line.

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