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Re: viShNu sthAnam
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 18:17:24 PST

"Malolan Cadambi" <> wrote:

>Actually, all the names of Sarveshwaran can connote Maheswaran. 
>Appayya Diskhita had authored a work wherein he equates all names of 
>Sarveshwaran found in the Vishnu Sahasranamam to Maheshwaran.However, 
>he fails to connote the word "nArAyanA" to maheshwara.

Sri mAlolan and others:  adiyEn believes that nArAyaNa as the
supreme entity is irrefutably established by paNini's vyAkaraNa
sootra (aphorisms on Sanskit grammar) - where the trailing "Na"
letter of nArAyaNa (called "mooNRu suzhi 'Na'" in Tamil) renders
the term nArAyaNa as superiormost in the universe.  Even in free
translation, "nArAyaNa" is the ayana of naras, i.e. the super
being from which all else emanates.

The pramANa (proof) that nArAyaNa is viShNu himself is based on
the viShNu purANa, which was accepted as an authoritative scripture
by Adi Sankara, who also rejected the siva/linga/other purANas.
In practice, "viShNu sthAnam" is the ultimate honor one can bestow
upon anybody in this universe - Kings, noblemen, preceptors and
anyone who embodies something supremely important is accorded the
sacred "viShNu sthAnam" all across the Hindu religion.

In recognizing the true identity of nArAyaNa in this manner,
together with his inseparability and equality with the divine
mother (SrI) - rAmAnuja sampradAyam has grasped the very essense
of the vedic religion spanning the entire land from "SrI"Rangam
upto "SrI"Nagar...

bhAgavatas kindly excuse any unintended errors in my statements.
-Srinath C.

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