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kannanai ninaiththaalum sugame- post 16

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 03:10:18 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

In sundhara bhaahusthavam Sri kooraththaazhvan asks the lord azhagar-
sundararajan- kaLLa azhagar-

goohitha sva mahimaa~pi sundhara thvam vrajE kimithi sakramaakramee:
saptha raathram adhaDhaascha kim girim? pruchchthascha suhrudha:
Slokam 112- sundhara bhaahu sthavam

Meaning: Oh, thirumaalirumchOlaimalai azhagaa! Oh, that beautiful lord
residing in the place called thirumaal irum sOlai malai, what made you to
prevent king dhEvEndhran from having his celebrations done by the aayarpaadi
residents, when you have held back all your glory and wanted you to be a
simple person [later had that done for you]. Later, why you supported the
gOvardhanam hill for seven days? You also chided those friends who asked
you, "who are you? why not reveal your true identity?" etc. 

See the same beautiful question of asking the identity in one more way.

gOpaala pothakathayaa nibhrutham Dharithreem
aavasthu kaama iva sannapi baalya loulyaath!
aindhram nihathya mahamadhrimathO dhaDhaana:
kim thasththishE suragaNaaya savaasavaaya!! 
- slokam 44 athi maanushasthavam of  Sri kooraththaazhvaan

meaning: you wanted to hide all your glory and live as a simple child of the
cowherds in aaippaadi. But due to your childish pranks you stopped the
celebrations due to king dhEvEndhran. Later by lifting the gOvardhanam you
proved yourself in front all, who you are. Why you did that?

Both questions are simply beautiful and in the indirect way praise the lord.
These are to be answered this way- that lord likes himself to be adorated
[sthuthi] by his immediate creations / tribes like brahma, indhran etc
first, and then by bhakthaas of this lOkam.

In srimadh bhagavatham brahma started this krishna sthuthi first, when he
tried to take away the calves and cowherd boys. Then fooled by the lord,
realised his mistake and did the sthuthi. 

There is one full chapter [chapter 14] of this krishna sthuthi by brahma in
dhasama skandham poorva ardham - starting 
"nowmeedya thE~BhravapushE --- Ekasthvam aathmaa purusha: puraaNa: sathya:
svayamjothi: anantha: aadhya:-- thvamEva jagathaam naathO jagadh Ethath
thava arpitham-bhagavan namasthE!!"  and concludes with the prostrating of
brahma to the lord. 

The full chapter is worth reciting daily as a sthothram of krishna. See the
beautiful addressing puraaNa:, sathya:, svayamjothi:, jagathaam naatha:.
Each naama is to be contemplated individually and enjoyed with cross
-references from periyaazhvaar and vishnu sahasranaamam.

Later dhEvEndhran continued this sthuthi after brhma, when the lord stumped
him by that lifting of gOvardhanam [which is our main topic of discussion in
this series]. When indhran realised his mistake, krishna finished his job of
protection of cows [for the present] and the lord placed the hill back in
 "bhagavaanapi tham sailam svasthaanE poorvavathprabhu:" says 28th slokam
25th chapter x th canto srimadh bhagavatham poorva ardham- meaning:
"bhagavan the supreme lord krishna placed the hill back in its position".

See the slokams of indhra sthuthi:
namasthuByam BhagavathE purushaaya mahaathmanE!
vaasudhEvaaya krushNaaya saathvathaampathayE nama:!! 
Sloka 10 27th chapter dhasama skandham poorva ardha bhaagam srimadh

Meaning: Oh bhagavaan, great among men, vaasudhEvaa son of king vasudhEva,
krishNaa, you are the one who deserves all the offerings made in sacrifices

Since many a naamaas are available in Sri vishnu sahasranaamam a listing is
done here
[PraNavam] bhagavathE [nama:]- naama 558 
[PraNavam] purushaaya [nama:] - naama 14
[PraNavam] mahaathmanE [nama:] - naama sloka 13 of bheeshma in the beginning
[PraNavam] vaasudhEvaaya [nama:] - naama 332, 695, 709
[PraNavam] krishNaaya  [nama:] - naama 57, 551
[PraNavam] saathvathaam pathayE [nama:]- naama 512

Now second slokam of indhra sthuthi:
svachchandhOpaaththa dhEhaaya visudhDha gnaana moorthayE!
sarvasmai sarva beejaaya sarva BhoothaathmanE nama:!! Sloka 11

meaning: You are the one, who at your own sweet will takes the avathaarams,
you are the embodiment of purest wisdom, one who pervades all basic seed of
all, one who is the inner soul of all, one who is the inner soul of all, to
such a you, krishna, I prostrate.

Again to give the listing from sahasranaamam
[PraNavam] sarvasmai [nama:] naama 25
[PraNavam] sarvaaya [nama:] naama 26
[PraNavam] boothaathmanE [nama:] naama 8

The sthuthi on krishna is continued by the surabhi, the cow divine, after
dhEvEndhran, who came along with dhEvEndhran, when krishna ended his lifting
of gOvardhanam. 

After the sthuthi krishna was conferred the title "gOvindhan" meaning the
chief protector of all cows. This conferment is referred to as gOvindha
pattaabhishEkam. While raama had his pattaabhishEkam, krishna really did not
have a formal crowning even though he conquired mathura from uncle kamsan,
later when established dwaraka as kingdom etc except this. That way, this
gOvindha pattaabhishEkam is a special, being carried out by dhEvendhran
himself with milk from surabhi and water from all the rivers as brought by
dhEvEndhran and other rishis et al. 

Mother yasOdhaa felt bad on hearing such sthuthis and started saying "I
should not treat my krishna as my child, when these people say so much about
him and all that". See

KEttaRiyaadhana kEtkinRen kEsavaa, kOvalar indhiraRku
Kaattiya sORum kaRiyum thayirum kalandhu udan uNdaai pOlum
Ootta mudhal ilEn un thannaik koNdu oru pOdhum enakku aridhu
Vaattamilaap pughazh vaasudhEva unnai anjuvan inRu thottum 3-3-8

Meaning: oh kEsavaa my son, I hear so many things which I have not heard
before. The food containing rice vegetables and curd etc were mixed and
eaten by you, which was arranged for indhran by these gopaas. I do not have
such a capital to feed like these people and also it is difficult for me. Oh
vaasudhEvaa, whose glory is never fading, I am afraid of you from today
[because of your name and fame].  

Then if somebody praises like this, krishna will get kaN dhrishti, aayuL
kuRaippu etc that is what mother fears - and these have to be removed. So
mother arranges parikaaram- see lines

ThiNNaar veNsangu udaiyaai, thirunaaL thiruvONam inRu Ezhu naaL mun
PaNNEr mozhiyaaraik koovi muLai attip pallaaNdu kooruviththEn 3-3-9

Meaning: oh my krishna, who has that white conch paancha janyam, I have
arranged people who are good in reciting paN- songs, to bless you long life
by reciting pallaaNdu. For you are getting your birth star [day] thiruvONam
just 7 days from now. 

Oh what a mother, what a son, what an aazhvaar to recite such wonderful
paasurams. Is it mother or aazhvar or kaNNan himself playing with words to
make us enjoy that kaNNanai ninaiththal sugam. 

Vasudevan M.G.

Ps: the surabhi sthuthi will be covered in next post.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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