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Re: srichoorna paripAlanai- reason

From: TCA Venkatesan (
Date: Sat Nov 24 2001 - 20:11:34 PST

Continuing on this topic, it must be clear the word
"sambandham" cannot be taken to be merely as some 
form of simple contact. This has to go way beyond 
that. If it were something simple as a one time 
meeting, or just being around one's acharyan, there 
would be thousands and thousands of people that 
would qualify. Obviously it goes beyond that to some 
state wherein one actually can say "thEvumaRRaRiyEn". 
How many of us can dare even think along those lines? 
However, it is clear from our acharyas such as Sri 
Madhurakavi Azhvar and Sri Koorathazhvan that this is 
possible for a select few.

Continuing with the vyakyanams of Kanninun 
Siruththambu one finds the following. 

If one were to get close to Sriman Narayana, He will 
absorb that person's mind, eyes and all other
such that they can think, see of nothing else. This 
also happens to Sri Madhurakavi Azhvar, for the reason

that even though he approaches only his acharya Swami 
Nammazhvar, Nammazhvar is near to Him. That is the 
reason, according to the commentators, that Sri
Madhurakavi Azhvar continues to talk about Him in his 
poem even while saying "thEvumaRRaRiyEn". Thus in a 
deeper level, it is impossible to have pure acharya 
sambandham without any emperumAn sambandham.

In fact, Sri Madhurakavi AzhvAr states 
"thirithanthAkilum"; wherein he says that on the way 
to reaching his acharya he went through Him and so if 
he were to return he would come back to Him.

That pure acharya sambandham is impossible without 
His sambandham, is also borne out by the fact He 
Himself is an Acharya. In fact, He stands first 
amongst the acharyas. Sri KooraththAzhvAn says 
"lakshminAtha samArambhAm ... vandE guru paramparAm".
As one associates with one's acharya the relationship
simply works its way back to Him.

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan
TCA Venkatesan

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