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TeleSthothram Class - Happy Birthday !

From: venkat sreenivasan (
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 09:49:51 PST

Date:  Thu Nov 22, 2001  10:49 am
Subject:  happy birthday

Dear Nanu,Venkat,Shyam and Sundar Avl,
We wish to Congradulate you on the ABDAPOORTHI of the
Telesthothram Class. If I remember correct it was
started last year around this time. Our gratitude goes
to Sri Ramanuja Mission for having thought of and
organizing these wonderful sessions.The very thought
of using the modern technology and the facility to
impart such an invaluable knowledge and tradition to
younger generation is commendable. We have been
greatly benefitted by these classes and not to mention
about the children who are able to keep up our
traditions. It is really a noble idea and yeomen
service by all of you and the Ramanuja Mission. To
recollect, not many classes have been cancelled even
those ones cancelled were for reasons like  Ascharyan
Thirunakshatram etc. The sincerity and the dedication
of the Gurus are admirable. We know at times in the
initial stages the attendance used to be very
thin.That did not deter the Gurus from giving their
best in imparting the knowledge. All of us are more
buzy on week ends but you have been finding time to
spare for this class which only shows the committment
by all of you. The method of teaching is superb. The
efforts taken by all of you to put these verses in the
site and the audio recording to enable us to practice
is laudable.It is a real feeling coming out of
experience from the bottom of the heart. We eagerly
look forward for 11.30 Hrs (central time) every
saturday.Of course no amount of words could really
express our feelings and  gratitude. With Bhagavat
sankalpam, we wish many more birthdays for the tele
sthothram and in the process hoping to be blessed with
learning more Prabandhams and Desika sthothrams.
Adiyen Dasan,
Gopalakrishnan Thirumalai,

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